Don’t let life’s circumstances determine your happiness


 Do  you feel stuck, unmotivated, disconnected? Are you recovering from an illness, injury or going through a transitional period in your life? I help women transform their life ‘s in the areas of health and relationships.


                           • Reclaim your health                       
                           • Have more energy and vitality

 Mindbodyconnectnyc life coaching offers a holistic approach to health and wellness by addressing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs for personal transformation and positive change. When your personality and soul are aligned there is nothing you cannot  achieve. On this site you will find blogs on health and fitness for the body, as well as health and fitness for the soul. Here you will find information on nutrition, exercise, spirituality, meditation and so much more. My mission is to inspire, educate and support you in living an extraordinary life; the life you were meant to live. I am committed to your growth, success, and fulfillment.


In reaching for balance we find alignment. – Sue Krebs

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